About Lactacyd®

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Our belief

Lactacyd® is the feminine hygiene specialist that women feel close to and trust. We are dedicated to innovating intimate care products to support women at different stages of life, from all walks of life.

With an established 25 years of research and experience, we understand that no two women are alike. Every woman has different intimate needs and requires a unique solution that’s best for her.

Because of our wide offering of intimate hygiene products with product ranges dealing specifically with cleansing to those addressing needs beyond cleansing, many women see us as a partner who understands their needs, and has the solutions to help overcome their daily challenges.

By staying true to our brand belief, we have empowered generations of women to stay healthy and feel confident. With products that offer cleanliness, freshness, and comfort for the confidence every woman needs to bring out her best.

Why Lactacyd®

women trust lactacyd

Trusted for Generations

For over 25 years, Lactacyd® has been recommended by doctors and women everywhere. It is a mark of trust, and we value the understanding we share about the importance of essential feminine needs.

Naturally Inspired

The most intimate area of a woman deserves the most delicate treatment. That’s why our formulations are enriched with lactic acid which plays a key role naturally in the female intimate area, naturally derived ingredients including a mild milk-based ingredient, a whey, known as "Lactoserum". Every Lactacyd® product is carefully formulated to help maintain the pH balance of the skin of the delicate, intimate area.

Dermatologically Tested and Safe

As a trusted brand, it’s important the products you use are gentle and safe. We ensure that all products are dermatologically tested to ensure that our products are safe for daily use, and that they are manufactured in sites that meet global good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards.

For your Daily Intimate Use

Lactacyd® helps to keep you feeling fresh and protected, so you can face all aspects of your daily routine with confidence.

No.1 Worldwide*

The World’s No. 1 feminine hygiene brand, Lactacyd® is proud to be your intimate care partner at every stage of a woman's life.
* Reference: Nicholas Hall's global OTC database, DB6 sales in €mn at manufacturer's sale price (MSP)