All-Day Care

  • Intimate area wash
  • Deodorizing
  • Fresh
  • Sensitive

Prevents intimate discomfort, itching and odor for all-day freshness and confidence.

Key ingredients

100% Natural milk-based lactoserum
Moisturizes the skin to protect against discomfort and itching

Organic lactic acid
Maintains skin’s natural pH balance to protect against odor from harmful bacteria


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Cleanses and protects against harmful bacteria
Formulated with natural milk-based lactoserum and lactic acid

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Maintains pH balance
Keeps your intimate area in its natural condition and maintains natural vaginal flora.

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Tested and endorsed by skin experts.

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Product Details

Proven results for skin

Skincare backed by science

Our science-backed approach means that we put all our products to the test to ensure that they cleanse without causing dryness or irritation, while maintaining the delicate pH balance of your intimate area.

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  • Our unique combination of lactoserum and lactic acid is clinically-proven to protect you from dryness, irritation, and odor.

    These skin-loving ingredients gently work to maintain the naturally acidic environment of your intimate area and keep its pH level in check.

  • We recommend using Lactacyd every time you shower. It’s formulated to be gentle enough for daily use.

  • Most soaps have a pH range of 9-10. They can throw off the natural pH balance of your intimate area, which has a pH level of 3.8-5.0. This in turn causes your skin to dry out and develop irritation or infections.

  • Yes, millions of women trust Lactacyd for their feminine hygiene needs. From your first period until after menopause, there’s a Lactacyd tailored to every phase of your life.


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